50 Shades of the Mastani Top

50 Shades of the Mastani Top
The Mastani 2.0 Top is all we’ve been talking about at the showroom. The versatility and colourful embroidery makes it ideal for our clients who want multiple uses out of their purchases. Whether you already own a Mastani, or are looking to buy, scroll down for a few looks you can achieve with this unique top.


Flower Bomb 

Mastani 2.0 Top x Laalima Skirt x Beige Large Pearl Mirror Dupatta 

Florals will always be a go to for the spring/summer season and the Mastani x Laalima skirt is giving us our flower fix. Tie this romantic ensemble together with the Beige Large Pearl Mirror Dupatta featuring scalloped bead detailing. 

Mastani 2.0 Top x Ramzeen Skirt x Light Beige Net Dupatta

A go-to pairing, the Mastani 2.0 Top x Ramzeen gives you that fresh summer look. The Ramzeen features "Ghungroo"/"Jhanjar" or bells along the hem that’ll chime along with your steps. Pair it with one of our Light Beige Net Dupattas to complete the look.

Mastani 2.0 Top x Lorelei Skirt x Light Beige Net Dupatta

The Lorelei Skirt is perfect for our clients who lean towards a more monochromatic look. The beige skirt features white embroidered florals and ruffle detailing at the hem. A more subdued summer look.

Effortless Petals 

Mastani 2.0 Top x Petal Skirt 2.0 in Navy x Light Beige Net Dupatta

Not the dressing up type? Our Petal Skirts can effortlessly make any outfit look party ready. Go for our 2.0 Petal Skirt in Navy to achieve an evening ready look, or try our 2.0 Petal Skirt in Mint for a lighter, spring/summer vibe. Either way, our Petals will give you all the glam without the fuss. 

Mastani 2.0 Top x Petal Skirt 2.0 in Mint Green x Florescent Mint Green Dupatta


Do you have a 2.0 Mastani Top? Bring it into the showroom or shop online to mix and match with new skirts for an entirely different look! 

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