BRIDAL DIARIES ENTRY 8: A timeless e-shoot

BRIDAL DIARIES ENTRY 8: A timeless e-shoot

Roohani and Gurpreet's e-shoot is nothing less than a classic timeless look, Roohani is wearing the Diya Sari with the Red Shaad Top and giving us K3G vibes (if you know, you know)! 

Mani Jassal sari

 "The concept of our e-shoot was classic and elegant. We wanted to create pictures that would last forever and share our love through these photographs."



 "I chose the Diya Sari by Mani Jassal because I wanted to create a classic theme for our photoshoot. The sari was so elegant, it flowed really nicely and it was so beautiful. It went well with our theme so we were very happy about that. I felt so confident wearing Mani Jassal, especially being a woman owned business. Her quality and designs are gorgeous so I will definitely be ordering for my wedding week. Thank you Mani Jassal & Team!"

Couple: @itsalwaysbeenmanku
Makeup: @monasangha
Photographer: @amritphotography
Location: @hycroftuwcv 
Jewelry: @free_rani
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