Chez Moi: The First Loungewear Collection by Mani Jassal

Chez Moi: The First Loungewear Collection by Mani Jassal
The idea to create a loungewear collection first came to Mani back in April 2019 and she made a few initial sketches. While eveningwear will always be her passion, she wanted to create a collection that would show off her off-duty style—the one where she was dressed down in sweatpants and working in her studio. She’s also always wanted MANI JASSAL to become a lifestyle brand. This year, the idea finally became a reality.

Chez Moi, which means home in French, is a 54-piece collection featuring easy, wearable pieces that embody her signature style and the silhouettes she’s best known for. It features cozy fabrics like jersey, fleece and satin, with a little bit of bling thrown in for the person who wants something extra (think traditional jhallar trim and playful dori tassels). Many of the names of her pieces were inspired by the Harry Potter series (like Sirius, Luna, Nagini and Hedwig), which are her favourite comfort films to watch.

We created the Hedwig, Hail and Diagon skirts to mimic the idea of sweatpants, making them out of the same type of jogger fabric. We also incorporated double-slit lenghas which have done really well for the brand. I was inspired by tear-away Kappa-pants. We put invisible zippers where the slits would originally go, allowing the wearer to unzip for a more sexy look, and zip up for a modest or cozier look.

I’m really excited about launching the t-shirt with the iconic OG mirror bustiers. I actually drew the bustier by hand myself, and got it printed. A lot of people love the OG Mirror Bustier, but can't wear it because of how sexy it is or the price point. Now they can purchase something iconic to the brand and wear it everyday.
On the MANI JASSAL logo:

I’ve actually had a lot of people reach out to me to see if I would offer merch. Back when I was not as established as I am now, the idea of having my name on something was so strange. Logos are very much in style now and I wanted to try and dabble with it. It does make the brand more street wear, which is what I wanted with this collection.”

When it came time to shoot the lookbook for the new collection, Mani wanted the images to evoke the idea of home, complete with a laid-back vibe where someone could picture themselves relaxing or working. The interior was dreamt up by designer Payal Bhakta of The Eastern Bazaar and is what Mani says her home would probably look like. The frames featured are the same ones she used for her wedding photos, which took place earlier this year. The finished lookbook captures the cool and cozy spirit of Mani’s first lifestyle collection.

Special thank to: 
MU: @yasmiinee_l
Hair: @hairbymarinalima
Models: @mayachaudhuri
Video: @cineversefilms
Bags: @art_clestudio
Set Design: @payal_bhakta
Props and Jewelry: @theeasternbazaar 
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