With the summer months and beautiful weather fast approaching, the clients of MKJ have been ditching heavy beaded lenghas and falling in love with many of our light weight skirts with secret slits. Yup, secret slits. Our 2.0 Petal Skirts have been redesigned to accommodate occasions with your girls, and with your family. This wrap skirt allows the wearer to walk and dance freely without showing any skin. However, when you need that pic with your girls, simply pull some of the fabric back and reveal those sexy legs. This way, you all the sexy, without the drama (from glaring aunties of course). So, show those legs, or don’t, completely up to you!


Being comfortable in your skin is Mani Jassal way of life. Mix and match the 2.0 Petal Skirts, Sequin Petal Skirt, or Lotus Petal Skirts with various MKJ tops such as the Nile Top, Classic MKJ Top, etc. The skirts are available in various shades, making them easily integrated into your existing wardrobe.


Petal skirts are great for that quick switch from so called “indecent” to “decent”, however, we’ve got some skirts for those more daring as well.

Sparrow Top x Sparrow Skirt  

The sparrow set features two slits on either hip. This skirt is an eye widener for sure, yet it still provides enough fabric volume to protect your modesty while walking or dancing. When standing, the slits are barely noticeable. Go for the Sparrow Top x Sparrow Skirt if you’re all about showing off your legs.

Euphoria Set 

              Our Euphoria Sets in Pink and Red scream rebellion. This sexy ensemble is very similar to the Sparrow in fit, also featuring two slits along each thigh that hide away when standing, but reveal your legs as you walk. Euphoria also features rose embroidery and a sheer blouse. Another daring option.
Here at Mani Jassal, we love catering to the personal tastes of all our clients. Whether that be showing some skin, or not. The goal is to wear what you want, and not what the aunties want! Visit us at The Mani Jassal Showroom or email us at to find a look that makes you feel beautiful!