Mani's Top Picks

Mani's Top Picks

It’s been a couple of months now and the SS18 “Garden of Desire|Erised” collection has been all the rage at the Mani Jassal Showroom. We love styling all our clients in the innovate pieces. Mani herself has also found a few pieces she claims to be her favourites! Let’s take a look at Mani’s top picks from her new SS18 designs.

Lorelei Skirt

The Lorelei Skirt features the fresh, SS18 Mani Jassal look of ruffled skirts. This high waisted circle skirt features embroidered floral motifs and tulle detailing at the hem. A true fun piece for a fun bride!

Fahreel top

Ruffles are a favourite in the showroom! The Fahreel top features cold shoulder ruffle sleeves with a plunging v-neckline. Often paired with another favourite, the Lorelei Skirt, this neutral white top with gold detailing also pairs effortlessly with an array of skirts.

Nile Top in Pale Blue

The Nile’s have become not only a client favourite, but also a designer favourite! A 100% cotton blouse, this long sleeve, sweetheart neckline top was designed with comfort and versatility in mind. Paired here with the Iris Skirt, the Nile can achieve both regal, and more casual looks.

Rajo skirt

 One of the many 100% Canadian made pieces, the Rajo skirt features hand cut, beaded rose appliques. The roses are carefully placed, and hand sewn around the waist of the skirt, slowly trickling down the thighs. The precious of the construction of the Rajo paired with the elegant outcome makes this skirt one of Mani’s favourites. Paired here with the Laalima Top.

Laalima top

Another in-house piece, the Laalima Top has been designed, constructed, and sold right here in Toronto. The romance of the beaded rose fabric is an effect Mani cannot get enough of. Paired here with the Rajo Skirt.

Risha 2.0 top

Our Risha 2.0 top demands royal status. The Risha features four unique textured fabrics replicating the signature hierarchy design of many Mani Jassal pieces. A true regal look, paired here with the Hierarchy Skirt in Cream.  

Chamko skirt

The Chamko Skirt is an eye-catching piece that demands attention. Paired with the Lara Peplum Top, this bridal look combines the natural fullness of a circle skirt with the voluminous properties of crinoline, giving our brides the full ball-gown effect.

Mastani 2.0 Top

All our clients know our love for the 2.0 Mastani Top. “I’m obsessed,” says Mani, “It goes perfectly with every skirt.” The colourful embroidery and creative design makes the Mastani fun to style, and even better to wear! 



Mani's named her favourites, but what's yours? Find a piece that suits your personal style online or visit us at The Mani Jassal Showroom!


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