Mix and Match : Jojo Skirt edition

Mix and Match : Jojo Skirt edition
We are back with Mix and Match and this week we will be styling the Jojo Skirt with various tops and dupattas. The JoJo Skirt gives us a whimsical, yet classic old Hollywood feel, with its pastel and white hues, luxurious beading and subtle floral print. The skirt is also embellishment with holographic sequins that reflect back for ample shine. To top off all the glam, showing off a little leg with our popular slits was a must on this piece.
The new Donna Bandeau Bustier is a mini stretchy holographic sequin bandeau style. The eye-catching pink top has disco-esque sequins that reflect blue and green tints. This top has delicate spaghetti straps and includes a soft power mesh that is super comfortable against the skin.
The Canary Monaco Bustier is a beautiful yellow hue that includes beautiful mirror and gold bead work throughout. With the beautiful yellow hues, dainty sequins and Pom Pom details along the hem, this top is a perfect fit for pre-wedding events. This is paired with the Canary Monaco Dupatta.
The Rekha Bikini Bustier in Mint emulates the sultry and fashionable side of the famous Bollywood actress. With the perfect mix of innocence meets sexy with the plunging neckline and elegant pompoms along the hem, we just can't say no. This top also has a subtle polka dot sheen throughout. This is paired with the Jade Monaco Dupatta.
The last styling pair is the OG Mirror Bustiers where the bustier craze all began! The OG Mirror Bustiers are a classic choice for day and evening wear looks. Each bustier features reflective hand sewn gold mirrors on the front of the blouse. This is paired with the Jade Monaco Dupatta.
What is your favourite mix and match look?
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