The Journey to Serenity

The Journey to Serenity

Calm. Peaceful. Unbothered.

It’s all in our inner beauties! Our new “Serenity” editorial demonstrates an unorthodox approach to bridal wear: evoking an unapologetic state of mind through body positivity. 

The journey of finding inner beauty and comfort is a story many of us share. The Serenity Editorial approaches beauty as an attitude, emotion, and state of mind. 

Mani attributes feeling beautiful inside and out as a moment of serenity. True peacefulness in accepting who we are as being enough. Using fashion as a tool for diversity, unapologetic cuts, daring silhouettes, and bold pieces is how Mani Jassal designs for the REAL Woman (aka every woman!).


REAL WOMEN are women of all diverse ethnicities, shapes and sizes.I am designing to be inclusive of all women.” - Mani Jassal

A step towards banishing beauty biases is the basis of the Serenity Editorial. Soft lighting, bare makeup, and minimal accessories bring forward the focus of every fashion project; the clothing and the beautiful women wearing them! 

"The  name of this shoot is "Serenity" and that is the mood that these two beautiful models evoke. I was inspired by a lot of shoots that Solange Knowles was doing. Sadly, when I was doing my research on curvier models in Indian Evening Wear and Bridal wear I could not find any. I wanted to create an artistic editorial with this ."

"I want to show how beautiful these two women are as Mani Jassal brides."

Designing for Diverse Sizes

As designers and influencers, providing diverse size options for clients is a huge part of encouraging body positivity. Here’s Mani’s journey towards an inclusive brand:

As a new designer, I began sizing my pieces the way that I have been doing it for all of these years , going off of what my size was. When I first started the brand I was an XS and I made everything according to that because , it was the easiest way to make sure the fit of the garments was correct.  In Udaipur Tea Party I made everything a size small. Fast forward to Free Spirit, some of favourite samples are now a size Medium - Size Large because that's just what size I am now. 

The problem is that in Fashion School they only teach you one type of size to work on ( a size 10, which was a 36” bust and 27” waist) and you are never really taught how to create and design for different sizes unless you try to specialize in it and even then there is no real course for this. You almost have to teach yourself. Pattern drafting is not the same for all sizes. Necklines need to be raised, busts need to be supported more, so the foundations needed to change. Graduating from Ryerson and starting a label was a struggle on its own.

When I started going into ready to purchase, I did not know how I could create bigger sizes. It was always trial and error for me, and it was getting hard to balance that along with running a company . I was finally able to hire a professional to grade my patterns, expanding my size range. Now it makes it so easy for us to accommodate all sizes. I’m happy to say that we now carry XS-XXXL plus any additional alterations our clients may want! Allowing women from bust size 32" to bust size 46" , and even then we are able to alter the pieces to a 50" bust or even smaller.


Everyone deserves to feel beautiful at every point of the day. Let’s encourage the banishing of beauty biases and celebrate every kind person as beautiful.

Take a look at our Serenity Editorial Below!

Did you enjoy our Serenity Editorial? What would you like to see the Mani Jassal Brand do for diversity in fashion? Let us know in the comments and leave a few tips on what makes you feel beautiful!

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