Taking a look back at the behind the scenes of the Tulum Campaign photoshoot. 

The photoshoot took place at Mani's engagement location, at her fiancé's family farm. With the elements of the Tulum inspired barn and tent, treetop treehouse, the fields and beautiful crochet swings, the campaign had multiple areas of interest to create the destination feeling. 

We had four beautiful models, Aliya, Shaz, Shivani and Karina, who we constantly work with for our shows or photoshoots. These beautiful women know exactly how to work the Mani Jassal clothes!

Hair and makeup was started after a quick breakfast. Hair was executed by the amazing girls of Redken! They created a light and airy wave look for this campaign shoot. We wanted the model's hair to look natural and bouncy. 

The Tulum makeup looks were created by Yasmine, who enhanced the already naturally beautiful elements of each of these women. We wanted a very natural and sun kissed look that created the sense of a destination and sunny day. How stunning do they look!?

Our campaign was shot by the incredible Renata Kevah who has an instant vision for her photos, that always turn out epic! Paired with the amazing video skills of Sunny from Converse Films, the campaign took us straight to Tulum. He captured the short fashion films from this campaign. From the billowing dusters in the wind to the rhythmic movement of our Engagement Top on Shivani. 

 The photoshoot was assisted by design Assistants Elisa, Rupinder, Sabrina, Sunny, Devina and Simran, who helped with dressing, behind the scenes photos and videos, and making sure the garments looked fantastic in front of the camera.  

Of course, the designer herself was there for overall approval and styling of pieces for the shoot. She also personally picked out beautiful pastel jewels for this shoot from her personal jewelry collections. 



Special Thanks to:

Film: @cineversefilms

Hair: @redken

MUA: @yasmiinee_l

Photographer: @renatakevah


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