The Making of a Collection| Part 2 | with love

The Making of a Collection| Part 2 | with love

This week’s peek into the new SS19 collection, “with love,” will follow the Mani Jassal team through collection photoshoots and runway makeup trials!



Makeup Trials

Nearing the end of collection production, Mani begins brainstorming suitable makeup and hair looks to appropriately emulate the emotions expressed through the pieces. “with love,” is a collection of young love and romance. With a softer color palette than previous collections, loosely braided hair, waves, minimal makeup, and dainty accessories became the focus of the trials.


Exciting accessories; makeup trials utilized crowns and lace "parandis" produced by the Mani Jassal team. Each accessory is created with collection fabrics and finishes to achieve a seamless look.

Lookbook Photoshoot!

Once the favourites among the trail runs were finalized, the hair and makeup team of Jorge Joao of Redkin & Alyssa Manuel, recreated the looks for the “with love,” photoshoot.



Like sleeping in a bed of flowers.

Set design by Opulent Event Designs emulated Mani’s vision of creating a forest of light, whimsical flowers. A mix of extravagance and minimalism, the floral set design stretched over a short space, allowing for detail orientated, intimate shots.



 Designer, Mani, perfecting the fit on the model.

Getting in the zone. Mani uses herself as a mode to visualize possible draping styles.


Collection Break! Mani took some time this past week for an exciting CBC interview.

Meanwhile, at the studio...

With a week to go, the production team has been working around the clock applying finishing touches and details. 

Stay Tuned! Part 3 of the, "Making of a Collection" series will feature close ups of collection pieces, runway planning, and many more exclusives. 

Special Thanks

Set Design: Opulent Event Designs 

Hair: Redken & Jorge Joao

Video: Cineverse Films

Jewlery: Raabta by Rahul

Photography: Vipoositha / Ovyianphotography

 MU: Alyssa Manuel

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