PARANDIS, TIARAS, KLEERE at Toronto Fashion Week !! #NBD

PARANDIS, TIARAS, KLEERE  at Toronto Fashion Week !! #NBD

This past Thursday, the Mani Jassal team showcased the SS19, “with love,” collection at the Royal Ontario Museum for Toronto Fashion Week.

“This collection is a love letter to women in fashion and to the amazing team who have been instrumental in bringing it to life,” Says designer Mani Jassal. 
(Image by Renata Kaveh)
We took inspiration from India in the 1900's for our accessories, and hair styles, and overall romantic feel of the collection.


(Image by Kalen Hayman
We knew we wanted a head-turning look for our models, without over powering the clothing. We decided to go for peachy, glowing skin, and added a special touch of white eyeliner. Our way of adding a little bit of edge to our looks! Make up by Shoppers drug mart + Simone Otis


(Image by Kalen Hayman
Hair accessories such as a mock-tiaras, and "Parandi's" were used as accents to the collection looks. Parandi's are a popular acessory used in India by women to add a special colour/touch to their hair. A fun way to match your hair with your outfits for special occasions! We knew we wanted to incorporate this style in our own way- as Mani usually does. We started playing around with the idea, and knew this had to be part of the collection. Hair by the wonderful Redken team! 


(Image by Kalen Hayman
We were able to collaborate with the talented Raabta by Rahul for our jewellery. We used colours such as emerald greens, and hot pinks which made our outfits stand out even more. We also used a creative twist on our version of Kaleere. Kaleere are bangles with decorated with chains and metal tassels worn by South Asian brides on their wedding day. 


(Image by Kylie Pinder
We loved working with Her Majesties Pleasure, who made our nail dreams come true. We wanted every little detail to be perfect for our bridal collection and the nails were part of it! 
(Image by George Pimentel)
"with love," is inspired by the feeling you get when you first fall in love; the butterflies and all the rest," says Mani. 
We made sure our details were perfect because we wanted all of our clients to feel this love. 
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