Committed to Sustainability
Committed to Sustainability

At Mani Jassal, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

We are committed to minimizing textile waste and reducing our environmental footprint at every step of our production processes. While some waste is inevitable in the fashion industry, we take proactive measures to minimize it.

Committed to Sustainability

Efficient Fabric Cutting

We optimize our fabric cutting process to minimize waste, ensuring that we use every inch of fabric efficiently.

Committed to Sustainability

Strategic Pattern Placement

Our patterns are strategically placed on the fabric to minimize leftover scraps and maximize usage.

Committed to Sustainability

Recycling Fabric Scraps

We collect fabric scraps generated during production and repurpose them whenever possible. These scraps are either recycled into new fabrics or utilized for smaller accessories and embellishments. One of our signature details is our 'pom poms' that we use in a lot of our pieces that are recycled fabrics.

Committed to Sustainability

Upcycling Initiatives

We explore creative ways to upcycle leftover fabrics and materials into new designs, reducing waste and giving new life to unused resources.


Our small but mighty team of design assistants work hard to carefully craft each piece using traditional and modern techniques. We love what we do and pour a lot of love into it. With each purchase, you're supporting a small, independent female-owned business.

step one:


Mani draws inspiration from various sources, including her cultural heritage, travel experiences, music, art, and current trends. This concept serves as a guiding principle throughout the design process, influencing the choice of colors, fabrics, silhouettes, and embellishments. Jassal translates her concept into tangible designs through sketching and conceptualization. She experiments with different shapes, proportions, and details to bring her vision to life on paper.

step two:


We collaborate closely with skilled pattern makers, sculpting prototypes that embody our creative vision. Through meticulous draping and experimentation, we ensure each garment achieves the perfect fit, drape, and movement. It's more than technique; it's a dance of creativity and precision, where every stitch tells a story. Welcome to the world of Mani Jassal, where elegance meets artistry, and style knows no bounds.

step three:


Fabric cutting is an art form. Our skilled artisans sculpt fabrics with precision and vision, ensuring each cut contributes to the elegance of the final garment. It's more than just precision; it's the promise of transformation.

step four:


Once the fabrics are meticulously cut, they are passed into the capable hands of our skilled production team. With expertise honed over years of practice, our seamstresses bring the designs to life through the intricate process of sewing.

Every stitch is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Guided by the designer's vision, our production team works tirelessly to ensure each seam is flawless, each detail immaculate.

But sewing at Mani Jassal is more than just technique; it's a labor of love. It's about infusing each garment with passion and dedication, about imbuing them with the spirit of our brand.

As the final stitches are sewn, the garments begin to take shape, transforming from mere fabric into wearable works of art. And with each completed piece, we are reminded of the magic that happens when creativity and skill come together.

step five:

hand sewing

A hallmark of our designs is our intricate embroidery and embellishment work. Our team of women are skilled artisans who execute handcrafted details such as beadwork, sequins, appliqué, and thread embroidery, adding richness and texture to our creations.

step six:

quality check

At Mani Jassal, perfection isn't just a goal; it's a standard. Before our creations grace the runway or find their way into the hands of our clients, they undergo a rigorous quality check process that ensures every detail meets our exacting standards of excellence.

Led by our quality control team, each garment is subjected to a series of meticulous inspections. From the precision of the stitching to the intricacy of the embellishments, no detail is too small to escape scrutiny.

But our commitment to quality doesn't stop there. Fit and comfort are paramount, so each garment is tried and tested on real bodies to ensure it drapes and moves with elegance and grace.

Only when every aspect of the garment meets our exacting standards is it deemed ready to be showcased on the runway or sent out to our clients. It's a process that requires patience, precision, and passion, but it's one that ensures that every Mani Jassal creation is a masterpiece of style and craftsmanship.