Diipa Khosla's Big Fat Indian Wedding

Diipa Khosla's Big Fat Indian Wedding


This past September, the Mani Jassal team had the honour to be a part of the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING of Diipa Khosla & Oleg Buller (a.k.a the Bullslas!). The couple brought their fairytale to life at the Hotel Fateh Garh in the beautiful city of Udaipur

We know our Mani Jassal community spotted some familiar looks as this wedding went viral over Instagram. No mistake there, Diipa picked out her favourite Mani Jassal pieces to be a part of this once in a lifetime celebration.

Born in India, Diipa moved to Amsterdam where she found herself shifting her focus from law to the world of fashion. Diipa is now a popular influencer based out of Europe who loves to share insights on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She runs a successful blog and has gained a large following over many social media platforms. Her story led to falling in love with Oleg and a storybook wedding to top it off. You already know if there’s any MKJ involved, it’s for that extra bit of FUN every wedding celebration needs!

Pre-Wedding Parties

Confident in colour

Diipa spent her pre-wedding event in a bold Red Dili Bustier & Mustard Petal Skirt ensemble. 

This simply elegant look is rebelliously cut and demands the spotlight. Nothing like some vibrant warm hues to liven up the party!

Skip the heavy embroidery; light weight fabrics, unique silhouettes, & daring (yet classy!) cuts are perfect ways to beat the heat during summer weddings.

Chooda Ceremony

Pre-wedding events, such as the Chooda Ceremony, are infamous for bright colours and easy-going outfits. Interesting fabrics and cuts are a great way to stand out without creating an overpowering, crowded look.

 Safari 2.0 Skirt x Dino Bustier

STUNNING! Diipa was styled in the ‘free spirit’ Safari 2.0 Skirt and Dino Bustier. Strong red hues in a neutral, rustic setting; simple, yet elegant.


Diipa took some time to share her experience in this beautiful Mani Jassal set, 

"I love that your clothes have such an Indian yet sexy, modern vibe to it. The amount of questions I got on your outfit I wore for the Chooda were unreal! People are going crazy on your take of Indian fusion wear.”

Bridesmaid OVERLOAD

Coordinate don’t match!

We do bridesmaids a little differently at the Mani Jassal Showroom.  Try some unique looks with complimenting colours and vibrancies for a perfect harmony. 


Matching outfits are boring, Diipa’s girls got the Mani Jassal touch with these “Garden of Desire|Erised” summer appropriate pieces.

Grand Indian Reception 

All eyes were on the newlywed couple as they made their grand entrance for their Indian reception. However, we gotta say Diipa stole the show with the daring, modern cut Field Bustier and Pink Nile Skirt ensemble. 

For the rebellious bride. The deep neckline and sleeveless silhouette allow a full range of motion. Perfect for the girls who love to dance!  

Our Niles are made from 100% linen with a rich, metallic gold-leaf print, perfect for the warm Udaipur weather.

We'd like to thank Diipa Khosla for allowing the Mani Jassal Team to be a part of this tremendous celebration. If you loved Diipa's looks, send us an email and book your consultation for a private styling experience! 

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Diipa Khosla & Oleg Buller
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