Bridal Diaries Entry #2: Simplicity is Key

Bridal Diaries Entry #2: Simplicity is Key

This week's entry follows the wedding journey of Seema Parekh, a newly-wed bride from this year!

Seema is one of Mani Jassal’s first clients from the earlier days. We’re talking in-house studio, one girl team days! Since then, the company has grown, and Seema has been by our side.

Follow this bride’s story on how she made her wedding decisions, the simple way.

 Seema & her husband at their Sikh wedding ceremony; wearing the Rosa Hierarchy. Versailles Convention Centre, Mississauga.  

"We are a little older than your average bride and groom. Both professionals in the medical and legal fields..."

Seema & her husband had a beautiful, traditional Sikh ceremony just outside of Toronto. Opting for the Rosa Hierarchy as her ceremony outfit, Seema had zero doubts.

"When it came to my ceremony look, I had no doubt what I wanted- the Rosa Hierarchy in Red. Although I tried on various other options in the showroom, I went with my original choice and I am so glad that I did!"

When you know, you know! Seema kept things simple with her decision making as well as her outfits. 

"In terms of planning, venues were first... but that was because there was no need to think about outfits. I knew I was going to Mani"

The Rosa fit Seema's personal style criteria: Simple, Classic, Sexy!

"I tried on maybe 2 other lenghas at the Mani Jassal showroom... didn't go anywhere else!"

Gorgeous! Apart of the SS17 Bridal Collection, the Rosa Hierarchy introduced our now staple bridal style. P.S. this OG Hierarchy Skirt is still available to purchase! Get it before it’s gone!


Follow the rest of Seema's bridal interview below!

 "I was lucky enough to have a custom dress designed by Mani..."

Ready to Party! Seema Parekh was the last Mani Jassal bride to purchase a custom dress for her reception! Mani worked personally with Seema to construct this low V-Neck, lace dress with a mermaid silhouette. This original piece emulated Seema’s personality and style identity.  

Did you find there to be any restrictions when first shopping for looks? Perhaps limited styles? What was a personal “must-have” in your wedding look?

Since I was already familiar with the brand, there were absolutely no restrictions. In regard to a personal 'must-have'... mine was simply that I wanted to look and feel my best.

"The beauty of Mani Jassal is that you can combine different pieces to reflect your own personal taste no matter what it may be... I just happen to be one of those people that love just about everything about the brand."

What advice can you give to soon-to-be brides? How about advice in terms of their outfits?

Go with what you want, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel comfortable. Don't compromise on these things and you will be able to focus on and enjoy your wedding instead of worrying about how you look...

"Enjoy every picture, every conversation, every moment because it goes by so fast."

Any wedding planning regrets? The most difficult steps?

No planning regrets really. For us the most difficult steps had to do with the guestlist... was not easy to have a 150 person Indian wedding! 

Could you summarize your experience with the Mani Jassal team?  

It was amazing, I will continue to shop with you guys and can't wait to see what amazingness comes next.

Finally, what was the best part of your wedding!

Besides the obvious answers- as they all apply in this case... I would have to say the best part of our wedding was our hip hop party reception. Just didn't want it to end!


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Special thanks to Seema's wedding team:

Make up artist: Allie from Jen Evoy Studio

Wedding Hair: Bella Flair

Reception Hair: Marina from Jen Evoy Studio

Photographer: Mr. Koa

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