FW18 Free Spirit Collection

FW18 Free Spirit Collection

 The preparation of the F/W 18 launch has had the Mani Jassal team working day in and day out. It’s hard to believe the show has past! The new, ‘free spirit’, collection debuted at Toronto Fashion after five months in the making. Missed the show? No worries! Keep reading for a peek inside the designs and collection inspiration.

Flower Child Hierarchy

With the help from the RE\SET designer platform, The Mani Jassal Showroom took the runway at Toronto Fashion Week for the first time. 33 looks were displayed throughout the show in an array of styles working to deliver the same message: live free.

Hippy Top x 7.4 Slit Skirt x Bo6 Carnation Box Bag

The collection routes from the ideology of a free spirit. Someone who is unconcerned with expectations and exhibits an unconditional love for life, others, and themselves.

Daring cuts, nature inspired prints, organic surface decorations became the basis of visually communicating the idea of living free. 

Taking the Runway

The Mani Jassal team took center stage at 7pm on Tuesday, September 4 before a sold-out show. The 'free spirit' collection is a tribute collection to the loss of a loved one, Honey, and the love story between him and Mani's sister, Simmy. Before the show began, the audience sat through a short film narrated by Simmy. 

"Through this collection you are able to walk through her narration of love and loss"

- Mani Jassal

Baby's breath flowers adorned the loose waves of the models, alongside a face of natural makeup for a soft, romantic aesthetic. 

The collection exhibits a story of colours, beginning with the fall/winter staple of black, and carrying into pure whites.

Amongst the looks that took the runway, were two Saris, a first for both Toronto Fashion Week and the Mani Jassal brand. 

Starry Night Sari x Panchi Bustier

The Starry Night Sari was the first Sari to walk down the runway at Toronto Fashion Week!

The Mani Jassal brand is often stereotypically written in the media as a brand that produces Saris, something we’ve never done before. These assumptions have followed the brand through various interviews, creating a repetitive response on the brand’s end of encouraging everyone to research the diverse Indian Fashion industry outside the Sari. This season, Mani tackles the Sari silhouette and manipulated this popular Indian attire into wrap skirts and of course the traditional sari.

A true Mani Jassal Sari. Tassles, fabric cones, and unique fabrics is what to expect when shopping these classic looks.

La Reve Sari x Raat Ki Rani Bustier

Another first for the Mani Jassal Brand, the 'free spirit' collection showcased the first ever bags designed in collaboration with art cle studio.

Bell Flower Bucket Bag                         Lily of the Valley Envelope Bag

Panchi Trouser x Raat Ki Rani T-Shirt x Art ClexMJ Orange Pansy Bucket Bag

Proudly Canadian! The new 'free spirit' collection contains several pieces made in-house. Look for the "Made in Canada" label.  

The collection showcased a united design preference of loose, free flowing fabrics. Silhouettes that are less constructed and restricting to movement. 

Mani Jassal in the final designer walk. Alongside influencer Kay Ray in the Flowerchild Hierarchy.

Following the successful show, the public was invited to the Mani Jassal Showroom to shop the collection an hour before the official online release. As for Mani's response to the collection, she says:

"We know that he was watching over us and we hope that we made him proud. I am fortunate to have Honey as the light leading us through this dark time." 

 'free spirit' : The Story 

Although fashion shows do entail much excitement, it's the preliminary stages of collection development, such as inspiration, where the 'free spirit' collection finds its importance.

The ‘free spirit’ tribute collection aims to narrate love, loss, and strength. The ideology of living free without concern of exterior opinions is a mindset Honey advocated and practiced throughout his life. 

Using soft, organic silhouettes, textures, and details, the Mani Jassal team has worked towards bringing this ideology into a visual plane.

free spirit: 

an independent, uninhibited, original, free thinker

The F/W18 'free spirit' collection is a story of love and freedom. Clients can expect silhouettes that are natural and less constructed. Organic details such as ruffles, fringe, floral appliques and fabric bells accentuates the push towards a less constructed, yet adequately ornate approach to clothing. 

The collection includes sheer, daring fabrics that are unlined, allowing the exposure of skin that would otherwise be restricted. The brand has followed the philosophy of living free since its conception. The rebelliously designed cuts and daring sheer fabrics are not native to the Indian fashion market, making the Mani Jassal brand, unconventional. 

 No restrictions. This collection is following the push to live free from design conception to diverse production: many pieces in the collection will include plus sizes as the ability to dress to the ideology of a free spirit should not be limited.

Shop the 'free spirit' collection online or at the Mani Jassal Showroom. Visit Art-Cle Studio to purchase the Art-ClexMJ bags, or visit us in store.

Special Thanks

Editorial Photography: Vipoo Sitha  

Runway Photography: George Pimintel 






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