Lavish Dulhan, the notorious South Asian Bridal Magazine shone the spotlight on 15 local women that have paved the path for their audience in their fields. 
Our very own designer, Mani Jassal, the brand ambassador, actress and model, Kiran Rai aka KayRay and the transformational coach, speaker and writer, Raz Soos, were just a few of the inspirational women that were included in this list.
These beautiful women were decked out in Mani Jassal pieces for this photoshoot and interview that presented their path to success, advice to their audience, their current and former projects and the legacy they wish to achieve.
Raz Soos talks about how she became a transformational coach, and her own influences wearing the Tea Party Set and Aurora Peplum Stole. 
Mani Jassal herself explains how she first became a designer and the backlash she first received for created a new niche market. Mani wears the White Eros Blouson and the White Eros Slit Skirt. 
Kiran Rai aka KayRay, talks about her current Cha Da Cup podcast and her past inspirational works such as Haneri and Anarkali in the Pink Eros Scoop Bustier, Pink Eros Slit Skirt the Pink Eros Dupatta. 


Magazine: @lavishdulhan

Photography: @daveabreuphotography

Makeup: Amber Malik Makeup

Makeup: Canvas Beauty Co.

 Hair: Bella Flaire

Jewellery: The Urban Glitter

Location: The Lavender Lounge

Backdrop: @opulenteventdesigns

Planner: @bijiplanners

Interviewer: Isha Singh

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