Mani Jassal Holi inspired looks!

Mani Jassal Holi inspired looks!
Happy Holi!
It’s the festival of colours! What better way to start your spring/summer shopping than with our beautiful, lightweight and colourful MKJ pieces!
The Mirajh Set is a stunning outfit that includes beautiful foil mirror motifs throughout the top and skirt. This outfit will definitely have you reflecting!
Toffee Skirt
Who knew mint toffee could be so sweet? This high waisted, full-length circle skirt is a refreshing addition to any outfit. Featuring contrast embroidered motifs with sequin detailing.
Tequila Set
"Tequil-in Me Softly!" Be the ultimate life of the party in the Tequila Set. This eccentric, yet laid back striped suit throws us back to our 'Fresh Prince' fashion days! 
Mandela Skirt
Who knew there could be a perfectly elegant lilac purple? The Mandela Skirt is just the right shade of lilac to give your look a soft, glamorous vibe. The Mandela is embroidered in pink and orange floral motifs and features a unique, ruffled silhouette towards the hem.
Bajirao Top
Perfect for a party! This gorgeous top is decorated with a little bit of everything. The Bajirao features red embroidered florals with sequins for an added sparkle. The back is open and decorated with a long chain of pink and red tassels. That’s not all, this top is also hemmed with beautiful glass tassels that sway around your body as you move.
Coral beaded skirt
There’s no blending in with the crowd in the Coral Lace Beaded Skirt. This vibrant piece is perfect for pre-wedding celebrations when colour is the focal point! The pearl beadwork overtop of the lace adds an elegant touch. 
The Jungle skirt and bustier
“She from the jungle." Unearth your inner jungle fever in this stunning floral circle skirt and sexy tie front bustier. The buttery softness and lightness of this skirt is perfect for destination occasions or pre-wedding events. Take this look from the sandy beaches to an evening dinner with style and ease. 
Botanical Skirt
The Botanical Skirts are made from cotton and are lightweight, breathable, and super comfy! It is paired nicely with the OG Black Mirror Bustiers and the Neelam Bustiers. A summer ready look!
What’s your favourite Holi inspired look?
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