A Women's Day Celebration with the Mani Jassal Team

A Women's Day Celebration with the Mani Jassal Team

Celebrating strength, determination, teamwork, and so much more!  This special edition, Women’s Day blog revolves around the strong women who run the Mani Jassal Brand.

Although beautiful looks adorn the runway, it takes a small village behind the curtain to create every piece. The behind the scenes work of fashion consists of long hours, hard work, and many obstacles, which is why we’re celebrating these women for working tirelessly together to carry out the image of Mani Jassal. Read below to meet the women behind the brand. 

Meet the Team


Executive Admin Assistant, Lead Sales and Stylist

Also part-time model!


“Interestingly a lot of clients think I am a part time model for Mani Jassal as you can spot me on her insta stories quite frequently. I also like to call myself the Event Committee Manager but I’m not to sure if my coworkers or boss have accepted this self proclaimed position.”

Sunny has been with the brand for just under 2 years and loves to create social media content, as well as working with her team whom she considers close friends.

"Working with an all women brand is honestly so powerful ! It allows you to  break gender workplace barriers and stereotypes that our society continues to hold. An all women’s brand is important because it creates strength and inspiration for other women to follow their passion and dreams."

A note from Mani:

Sunny has unconditional devotion to the company . She treats the brand like it's her own and goes above and beyond.

Memorable moment: She was my first model ever in life! I used to make her do "photoshoots" in my clothes in high school and university.

Pam. a.k.a Momager

Production Manager 

Pam runs the scene in the production studio, taking the lead in sewing and client alterations. She also happens to be the mother of designer Mani Jassal

"My favourite part of working with my daughter is I get to sew and stitch clothes, something I've been doing since I was a little girl. IA also love  spending time with the girls because we get to learn from one another."


"Working with women feels very liberating. It is very special to me because in my adolescent time we girls did not get the freedom to do what we wanted all the time. I lived in society were we girls were restricted from doing things we wanted. To see us breaking these notions is incredible."

A note from Mani:

Pam has an unconditional love and support for me and the brand. I mean she's my mom, so I love all of her qualities.

Memorable Moment: When I was still in school, I was working on my final collection which had ALOT of hand sewing. I would leave little notes for my mom after pulling all nighters asking her to finish some things up (some times I would not even have to leave a note) and I would wake up the next morning/afternoon to it being done . This is something that she continues to do til' this day.



Design Assistant, Sewer, Stylist, and low-key model


Elisa has been with the brand for over 2 years! She is the go-to sample sewer and constructs many of the beautiful looks that walk the runway. You may have also seen her modeling in some social media posts.

"My favourite part about working for Mani Jassal is the process of seeing a collection come together. Working alongside the Mani Jassal team to create ideas into garments is such an amazing opportunity. At the end of each collection, we always look back and are so happy and proud of what we have accomplished together."

"An all women's team is important because it is not often seen in many companies. It is important to bring awareness that every aspect of the brand is carried out by women.  It really shows how powerful a group of women can be when they come together."


A note from Mani:

Elisa has a passion for sewing. I have rarely seen her complain about it. You can tell when she sews that she does it from the heart.

Memorable Moment: Going to LA for our fashion film and editorial shoot. I asked Elisa to take some outfits in her suitcase, but she said she had no more room because her suitcase was already full with her personal stuff. The trip was only 3 days !! HAHA




Writer, Design Assistant


I began with the brand just over a year and half ago as a production intern. From there I worked with the production team to my now position as a writer! Like anyone else here, my favourite part about the job is the team I get to work with. The pressure to compete with other women is such an unhealthy misconception. I get to work with people who are kind and supportive, which can make any work experience better.


I love writing for the brand because I have the responsibility (and challenge) of putting thoughts from the designer, and visual concepts, into words.  There’s a certain pressure revolved around rewording and explaining what someone is thinking or feeling without misinterpreting them. However, that also makes the job exciting, and rewarding.

A note from Mani:

Jessica has an ability to go above and beyond for the team and for clients, and her professionalism . Just recently I discovered that Jess has a passion for writing, so she has become the brands official writer. I myself don't find writing my strong suit, so I am so thankful to have Jess on my team.

Memorable Moment: Jess is normally our fit model for all of our new styles. Before launching this collection, we had to make her stand on a step stool wearing a large voluminous skirt for over 20 minutes while we did the beading and hand sewing. 


Design Assistant, Fabric Cutter, Pattern Drafter

Also the creator/photographer of all our gorgeous flat flay images!

Rup began working with the brand during its humble beginnings in a basement studio. These days, she works alongside the production team in creating all our gorgeous looks (with a few photography sessions).


"My favourite part of working at Mani Jassal is the work environment which we’ve created as a team. It’s very empowering to be able to work within an all women’s team. What makes this important is being able to show the power of women being able to work together and create."


A note from Mani:

Rup is always keeping it real and unfiltered. She is someone I can trust to be honest with me whether it be about my designs, my fabrics, my cuts, and even marketing. She has a great eye for meticulous things.

Memorable Moment: My first interview with her . I asked her the question, "So tell me about yourself," and her response was, "I don't know. Ask me questions." It made me laugh!


Design Assistant, Stylist, Sewer, Website Manager

& our Deepika look-alike!

Devina also began her Mani Jassal journey working alongside Rup in the basement studio. The perfect mix of everything, Devina has a major role in most sections of the business. From sewing, styling, to website maintenance, she’s our go to girl!

"We are all women striving  towards the same goals and all have a passion for the industry. My favourite part of the job is the lead up to a collection launch. I love seeing the fresh designs that are brought forth, and producing the samples (with literally blood sweat and tears). It is a fulfilling feeling to know that you had a hand in something so beautiful."


"It is important to have a team that is all women, creating for women, because it just goes to show that we can also be successful and do big things in the world. We are always about empowering women, and breaking boundaries for what women should do, say or how they should dress."

A note from Mani:

Devina has an eagerness to always learn and improve . She started with just sewing, and then slowly I taught her the ropes on sales, marketing , and now she manages the online store for me.

Memorable Moment: Climbing Mount Grouse during one of our Vancouver Pop-Ups together. It was nice way to bond . Would love to do this with the entire team!


Marketing Coordinator, Stylist


Simran is a new edition to the team! Always positive and super supportive. When she’s not running through analytics and trends, she’s styling beautiful looks for our clients and brides.  

 “I love interacting with clients, especially brides. I love seeing their expression when they finally find the outfit they have been searching for! I also love watching the brand grow, and working with such an inspiring girl boss!”

“I love having an all girls team. Initially, I was nervous, and scared because I thought working in this environment would put us against each other and in competition all the time. I have now realized that, that's not true. Having been a part of this all girls team for almost a year now, I have never felt more heard and supported as I do now! I never properly understood “women supporting women” until I started working for Mani Jassal.”

A note from Mani:

Simran has an undeniable passion for working for the brand in marketing. You can tell she genuinely enjoys what she's doing. She's always so up to date with everything happening in the media and the first to know which press we received.

Memorable Moment: I was so impressed by her at the interview. She was so knowledgeable about the industry and the company. I could tell that she was genuinely passionate about the brand, and I wanted someone like that to be a part of the team.


Seamstress, Hand Sewer (she’s the skills behind all our intricate detail work.)


Harman has been with the Mani Jassal brand for 3 years! She is a crucial part of the production team and takes the lead role on the creation of all our voluminous skirts (one of her favourite things to sew). She’s also got a gentle hand with sewing, making her the lead in all detail hand sewing.


"I love sewing with the girls. My favourite part of the Mani Jassal team is that it’s like working with your family. It’s a comfortable and supportive environment. "

A note from Mani:

Harman has a passion for sewing and has an eagerness to learn new sewing techniques. She is so efficient .

Memorable Moment: Me and Harman were sewing some pieces together in the studio . She was working on a skirt and I was working on another, and I asked her how much of her skirt she had completed, because I was still only half way done. She looked me and smiled, and she's like I am already on the second one! We are always amazed at Harman's speed !!!!


Graphic designer and content creator.


Pauline is our girl behind the computer. She’s a pro at graphic work and creates many of our beautiful insta posts. Her favourite part of the job revolves around creative freedom and working alongside the team!

"I've had jobs in the past as a graphic designer that didn't let me explore as much as Mani does. I've gotten to learn more about myself as a graphic designer and have learned many new skills because of her."


"It feels comfortable working with an all women's team. All the women I work with here are welcoming and nice, along with being really easy to talk to. I think having a team like this is really empowering."

A note from Mani:

Pauline has amazing artistic abilities. I could tell right from the beginning that she was passionate about her art, no matter which form; photography, graphics, video, drawing, etc.

Memorable Moment: I had given her the, "with love," branding , and she took it and made it her own . She is the one that created the hand written video.

Simmy Jassal

Stylist, Creator of Wake & Bake (the woman behind all our delicious treats at Mani Jassal events), Showroom Cheerleader!


“My role here is being the support system that Mani needs. Almost like her personal cheerleader! I don’t think I have just one role here working with my family. I kind of micromanage whatever needs to be done. My favourite part of working here is it doesn’t feel like work to me. I feel like I am just spending time with the family and enjoying it as much as I can. I enjoy celebrating after our collection is done because the After Party is an AFTER PARTY (if you know what I am mean ;) ).”


“Celebrating women is so important to me because society likes to make women working in the same industry competitors amongst each other whereas we work to help each other do better. We women are bloody talented together and it's about time the world accepts that!”


A note from Mani:

Simmy has an ability to adapt in every aspect of the company, whether it be in sales or production. She is always willing to support in every and any way possible.

Memorable Moment: It's hard to choose just one since she has been there since I was little and has watched my journey. She has always been so supportive of my dream. She also was someone that helped convince my parents into letting me follow my dreams.

Mani Jassal

Creative Director, Owner, Designer


Our creative director! Mani creates the inspirations and designs for the brand. She dreamt of beginning the brand way back in 2002, and made it come to life in 2014. Being a leader, there isn’t  just one thing a boss has to do. But with a team of strong women, the job gets a little bit easier.

"So fortunate to be doing my dream job. and being able to work with  an amazing team that helps make it a reality."



"It feels amazing working with an all women's team because I think it's so important to support other women.  I found it really hard finding a job in the fashion industry after graduating, so I think it's great that I can create roles for these women in the industry that they went to school for. The fashion industry is mainly run by men even though much of the industry consists of womenswear. It's important to keep taking those steps forward and changing that .I want to inspire other young women to pursue their dreams in the industry and to not feel discouraged by a male dominated industry."


A note from Us: 

Mani carries out her work in confidence. It’s inspiring to work alongside someone who isn't afraid to put their work out there and take risks.

Memorable Moment: 

We’ve all had great moments with Mani. However, one thing we share is a love for the moment she does her final designer walk at the end of every collection. It fills us with pride.

(And we love the team dinners and events she plans for us!)


And that's our team! Supporting women everyday is what we love to do, and encourage others to do as well. Happy Women's Day!

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