The Modest Fashion Edit

The Modest Fashion Edit

While scandalous bustiers and double slit lenghas have hadour daring clients falling head over heels, it’s the modest fashion movement that’s gaining popularity in the Mani Jassal Showroom. 

Challenging modesty is a recurring theme amongst Mani’s designs and presentation. This, undoubtedly, includes embracing modesty! The encouragement is to choose your clothing based on what YOU like! 

We've got a variety of choices for all our beautiful clients, from scandalous bustiers to elegant modest tops.

Here are our favourite modest pieces. 

Risha 2.0 Top 

Paired here with the Hierarchy Skirt in Cream


The Risha 2.0 Top has been designed with Mani's signature hierarchy detailing. The top features the combination of multiple fabrics, all respectively intricate, tiered along the top's sleeves and bodice. The fully lined, long sleeve blouse allows our modest clients to illuminate their look. Paired with our high waisted skirts, the Risha will expose only 1-2 inches of the wearer's midriff (varying per body). 

Lara Peplum Top

Paired here with the Chamko Skirt

The Lara Peplum Top quickly became a best seller due to its versatility and flattering silhouette. This blouse features a high neckline and is one of the few tops that end below the natural waist line. The Lara will allow you to dance the night away with little concern of an exposed midriff. 

 Sparrow Top

Paired here with the Sparrow Skirt 

The Sparrow Top features a playful, embroidered spring pattern on a bodice lined net. A tip for our modest clients who prefer a fully lined blouse; try wearing a long sleeve black shirt under our Sparrow Top, this will create a makeshift lining for the sheer sleeves!

 Did you know that the Sparrow Top & the Sparrow Skirt are made in house in Canada? 


Amour Top


Paired here with the Snow White Skirt

The Amour Top features a boat neckline with a super comfortable stretch pendalem jacquard fabric. Another long top, the Amour will expose an inch of skin if you so choose. Otherwise, pull our high waisted skirts up a notch to keep your tummy hidden!
The Amour Top is another 100% Canadian made piece.

 Sona Top

Paired here with the Shagan Skirt

The Sona Top oozes Great Gatsby vibes. A dancer's dream, this top features rows of glass tassels along each sleeve. The Sona Top is moderately longer than our average top lengths and is fully lined.  Worried about too much midriff exposure? Don't be! Our model is wearing the Shagan Skirt at a lower point. Keep our high waisted skirts at your natural waist or higher to control your level of comfort!

Nami Top

All our clients know that they can get their ruffle fix at the Mani Jassal Showroom. The Nami Top features ruffled sleeve hem detailing with a bodice lined top. Worried about the sheer sleeves? Try wearing a long sleeve top beneath the Nami. we recommend a beige or cream under shirt to match the bodice. 

Nazzeer Jacket Dress

Paired here with the Nile Top in Pale Blue

The Nazzeer Jacket Dress is a great way to take your outfit to the next level. This sheer jacket dress pairs well with any lengha-top combo for an evening wear event or throw it over a pair of trousers for a night out!  


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 Laalima Top


Paired here with the Rajo Skirt

The Laalima Top is one of our favourites. This intricately beaded blouse is made in house by our production team. The top is fully lined and features a boat neckline. Note, the Laalima is made with 2 side seam and 1 back slit. However, the slits are very narrow and don't show much skin!


Want a "modest skirt edit"? No need! All our skirts are high waisted and will sit at your natural waist (above the belly button). Avoid the scandalous slit skirts and our large selection of modest skirts are at your disposal! 



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