Sorry, Not Sari

Sorry, Not Sari

Let's take a minute to talk about one of the most notable silhouettes of Indian Fashion, the Sari! 

Starry Night Sari

Starry Night Sari 

First Sari Look on the TFW Runway!
BTS Photo by: Baljit Singh. 

 100% Canadian Made! The Starry Night Sari features star like surface detailing with a hand made ruffle border. 

Before we get into and details, lets go over what a Sari really is. Traditional Saris are sold as generous amounts of fabric that are unconstructed. When worn, the fabric is delicately draped around the body in multiple ways and techniques.  Providing a generous length of fabric is key to the Sari, so much so that a perfect drape requires at least 5-9 meters!

The Cascade Sari in Cream :100% Canadian Made! 

Although this decadent drapery deserves much of the spotlight, it often outshines other diverse aspects of Indian fashion.

When depicted in the media, The Mani Jassal Brand pieces have often fallen under the umbrella term of "saris," which we all know is a unique, single style amongst many.

Let’s expand our Indian Fashion vocabulary and go beyond using ‘sari’ as an umbrella term for all Indian evening wear and explore more of what this rich culture has to offer.

 Sorry, not Sari! Shop the Havanna Lengha x Dino Bustier x Havanna Dupatta

Depicted above is one of the most popular silhouettes of the Mani Jassal Brand, the Lengha. A little fuller and a bit more daring, Mani’s Lenghas often feature her signature bustiers and full-length circle skirts. Traditionally, a Lengha consists of a two-piece set including a skirt and blouse and is often accessorized with a dupatta. The Lengha is the first look Mani produced and became the identifying silhouette of the brand.

Other popular styles the brand offers includes trousers, wrap and slit skirts, gowns, and a variety of tops. 

Shop signature Mani Jassal looks in trousers, gowns, tops and skirts online and in stores.

When approached with the description of being a Sari designer, Mani often finds herself explaining the vast number of styles that not only is offered at her Showroom, but also offered in Indian Fashion.

However, over the years, Mani has become intrigued with the false claims of her brand offering Saris. She took this misconception as a challenge to create her own rendition of the infamous attire. The 'free spirit' collection is the first Mani Jassal Collection that contains Saris! 


'free spirit' collection Saris. From left to right: La Reve Sari, Starry Night Sari, Cascade Sari in Cream (also available in coral).

Maintaining the brands style was a key factor when designing the first series of Mani Jassal Saris. The goal was to design with the Sari silhouette in a way that incorporates the look into the brand she has constructed prior to involving the well-known attire. 

Clients can expect Mani Jassal's Saris to be decorated with free flowing surface details such as handmade ruffles, pom poms, and signature borders.

Keeping it fresh, Mani has also introduced the Sari in several alternative styles. 

Shop the look in the Sari Slit Wrap Skirt & the Sari Slit Skirt 

Ask us questions!

We love sharing little tidbits about how to style and wear our clothing. Love a certain lace or beading pattern? Ask us how it’s made! We often use popular Indian fabrics and techniques when constructing our clothing.

Mani invites everyone to shop her clothing, as the brand and its Indian influences are open to anyone who wishes to appreciate the colour and intricacy that Indian Fashion has to offer.

Shop the first ever Mani Jassal Saris here!



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