If you’ve been keeping up with our Making of a Collection series, you know it’s been an insane journey on the road to show day.  With a lineup of 18 looks, hundreds of hours of labour, and an eager audience; here's what went down hours before showtime!

Hair and Makeup

 Just 3 hours before showtime, models began arriving at Yorkville Village for their, “with love,” makeovers.

Inspired by young love, and self-love, the collection draws inspiration from the highs of romance. Executed by Shopper’s Drugmart’s Beauty Boutique and Simone Otis, models wore an edgy take on soft glam. A natural face accented with bold, white eyeliner brought a unique vibe throughout the softer collection.

A unique makeup look calls for an equally exciting hairstyle! Mani was inspired by classic Indian accessories. Styled by Redken, models wore long, loose braids adorned with fabric Parandis and beaded tiaras. Read more about our take on these traditional accessories here.


While the first few models began their hair and makeup, brand ambassador KayRay took some time with Mani to rehearse the daunting, finale walk.

 At the Royal Ontario Museum

Just an hour and a half before showtime, half of the Mani Jassal team made their way to the Royal Ontario Museum where the “with love,” collection was to hit the runway. Here, the girls began dressing the first few models to arrive at the venue.

Finishing Touches

The “with love,” collection is one of the most detail orientated collections thus far. From hair, makeup, collection pieces and accessories, right down to the nails, every detail worked coherently to evoke the perfect, romantic mood.

Her Majesty's Pleasure delivered on the most elegant nail art we could ask for. Models' hands and nails were adorned with white nail colour and delicate pearls. Read more about the nail art here.

Minutes to Showtime...

Undoubtfully the most intense moments of the night, the last few minutes before showtime consist of last-minute details, outfit lineups, and tons of team support.


The runway show began with a short documentary on Mani Jassal’s design journey. Images from her childhood paired with loving words from her parents and sister filled the audience’s hearts with joy, and our hearts with pride. Mani shared her influences and decisions that lead her to beginning the Mani Jassal brand. Following this heart felt introduction, the first model hit the runway in our couture finished, Aurora Skirt.

Click the image to view!


This collection ended in a special way. The all women production team that helped bring the designs to life, accompanied designer, Mani Jassal, and Kayray for the designer walk.


The moment the last look leaves the runway and the designer does her final walk, is the moment we breathe! Thanks to an amazing team, the launch of Mani’s SS19 collection was a success.

Post show interviews!

Thank you for following our Making of a Collection series! Stay tuned, we’ll have another collection for you guys very soon!

Special Thanks

Hair: Redken 

Jewlery: Raabta by Rahul

Runway Photography: George Pimentel

MU: Shopper's Drugmart x Simone Otis

Nail Art: Her Majesty's Pleasure



BTS Photography: Baljit Singh

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