Stella Simona takes Mani Jassal to the Desert!

Stella Simona takes Mani Jassal to the Desert!

It’s the styling collab we’ve all been waiting for; Stella Simona of Haati Chai & Amarilo models Mani Jassal for an unreal, desert shoot.

Nazanin Mirror Dupatta 

An avid designer herself, Stella created the Haati Chai jewelry brand in 2011 as a creative outlet. At a young age, Stella maintained a close relationship with her Bangladeshi culture through her grandmother. Jewelry became an important part of this relationship.  Fast forward to today, Stella and her partner Ali currently run two successful jewelry brands: Haati Chai & the more minimalist sister brand, Amarilo.

Minimalism is a primary design principle at Mani Jassal. It just so happens that our girl Stella is the perfect advocate and follower of the minimalist design aesthetic!

Simplicity is key. Stella styles the Forks Bustier with a pair of white trousers for an effortless, day to day look. 

"I’ve learned minimalism is an intentional mindset. When you’re still growing into yourself, it’s easy to immerse yourself in so many different influences. I had to learn how to declutter everything to find my true self - from my mindset to the objects I own" - Stella

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Last minute accessory or outfit showstopper? Stella brings the Cream Chiffon Mirrored Dupatta to center stage. We can’t take our eyes away!

How do you think the MANI JASSAL brand pairs with your style ?                                                 

What I love most about Mani Jassal is that it allows me to be regal, romantic, and powerful at the same time.


An outfit in its own right. Stella elegantly drapes the intricately beaded Malika loosely over her shoulder.

How would you say your style has changed from when you were first getting into social media?   

At the time I started taking part in social media, I was in my early 20s in the midst of discovering myself. Those years were dedicated to bandage dresses and teal eyeshadow. Needless to say since then i’ve channeled my true self and learned the balance of standing out while still staying timeless.

Stella introduces the popular Dino Bustier as the perfect summer accent piece. Paired here with a wide leg trouser, the Dino, like many of our pieces, easily adapts from evening wear to day.

With such a busy schedule, do you get much downtime? What do you like to do?                          

I definitely don’t get much downtime naturally but I do set a daily intention to stop and take time for myself, even for five minutes. Self care is so important if you want to function efficiently and this can mean different things depending on the day. On the busiest days, it’s putting on music and having my favorite cup of tea. On days that my son Noah has gone to bed early, it’s taking a bath and going through a full skincare routine.

We noticed you talk about beauty and skincare products often, what are your top 3 face products?                                                                 

Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peels, Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Acid, True Botanicals Hydrate Pure Radiance Oil.

Gold Nile Skirt 

How do you infuse your South Asian attire to everyday looks? How important is it to do so?   

My south asian roots are what makes me who I am. I love incorporating the rich fabrics and stunning silhouettes as no matter where you come from, they really do bring out the beauty of a woman.


What advice would you give someone who also would like to be an entrepreneur like you?       

Have a clear vision, set realistic goals, and always always make time for yourself. You are your business, invest in yourself properly in order to keep things going and growing.

What was the biggest struggle in starting your own brand? And how did you conquer it?               

My vision was to always create unity between my South Asian and western audience. This was something difficult to nail in the beginning because to be honest, this was something that I personally struggled with. As a woman with these two identities, I felt connected with both of these worlds yet found it hard to find my place between the two. Allowing myself patience in the journey of self discovery helped me realize that no matter where you come from, there is this innate ability to appreciate beauty.


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Photographer: Kelley Farlow

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