The Garden of Desire | Erised story is brought to life at The MANI JASSAL Fashion Show

The Garden of Desire | Erised  story is brought to life at The MANI JASSAL Fashion Show
Mani Jassal’s newest collection has been fully revealed and it’s all about ethereal
outfits and a whole lotta’ self-love.
On the 27th of February, Berkeley Church housed Mani Jassal’s SS18 ‘Garden of
Desire | erised’ runway show. Whilst showing a small preview of the huge collection
at Toronto Fashion Week, this was the first time friends, fans, members of the public and a lot of you watching live on Instagram could see the collection of forty-one head-to-toe looks in its entirety.
 The show has been hailed a “blooming beauty” by and has been recognised for it’s unique and reflective message. An original narrative created by Raz Soos, a motivational speaker and writer, acts as a storyline to this
Spring/Summer collection.
Here are some of the runway images that were taken by photographer George Pimentel. 
The tale behind Mani’s most recent work is “a journey that walks the path to
discovering self love” Raz says. “This tale is of a young woman finding self love
through brokenness, and self realization through the reflection of another. It is about
her picking up her broken pieces and completely reinventing herself. An act of
vulnerability, a leap of faith, a journey inward that gives rise to her most beautiful self. Ultimately coming into who she was searching for all along”. This apologue
transcended onto stage through a performance by actress and model Shreya Petal
before the catwalk commenced.
To both Mani and Raz, it is important to love oneself before they can love anyone
else. The pair met shortly after Mani graduated from Ryerson and have been bffs
ever since. This collaboration was originally conceived in the summer as Mani was
discussing her ideas with Raz. Already knowing that the collections inspiration
should be routed in love, the pair discussed different options; “we began exploring
and having a deep conversation about what love is, which lead to discussing how the love we find in our life is a reflection of ourselves and then expanded to how art
mirrors life - from there an idea of a collaboration was born” says Raz.
The name alone of Mani’s SS18 range depicts a short story of self-sufficiency. In the collection’s title, the word desire is purposely reflected to present ’erised’, which symbolizes the pivotal aspect of the mirror in the story but is also a reference to Mani’s favourite book and film series. The mirror of ‘Erised’ originally comes from the Harry Potter chronicles (if you follow Mani on Instagram, you’ll know by now she’s a huge fan of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world). In ‘Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone’ the magical mirror projects the viewers reflection along with their deepest, truest desire. The book states, “only the happiest person on earth would stare into the mirror and only see themselves”.
Sensual silhouettes, romantic pieces, stand-out sets and ethereal looks came
together with an army of elegant models, a dreamy setting and everyone’s favourite
R&B beats by DJ SP to perfectly present the divine ‘Garden of desire | erised’.
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