The Making of a Collection| Part 3 | with love

The Making of a Collection| Part 3 | with love

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for! The final BTS blog of the “Making of a Collection,” series where all backstage pictures leading up to the big show are revealed.  Read below for details on our showstopper dress, showroom exclusive bridal collection, and other exciting news.


Preliminary model fitting with brand ambassador KayRay for our finale dress!

The showroom exclusive bridal collection

While working tirelessly on constructing the highly anticipated, “with love,” collection, we decided to take on a side project of another mini collection (as one does). This mini bridal series features revamped classic skirts with hierarchal layers of intricate borders. Featured in red, gold, cream, and navy, these pieces are a modern, light weight option with hints of a traditional aesthetic.

Spot the reds in our collection lineup! Give us a call, email, or stop by in-store to shop these exclusive bridal pieces. 

Back to: “with love,”

Our showstopper dress is a top secret we've been keeping! The finale piece for the “with love,” collection is an elaborate ball gown completed over a span of 3 months. Constructed with heavily beaded bridal lace, organza, horse hair, raw silk, and various hand sewn details, the finale dress demanded the entire production team working at once to complete.

 The finale reveal at Toronto Fashion Week. 

A daunting task, the finale dress consisted of 48 panels constructed from lace, raw silk, horse-hair, and satin. It took over 5 hours to simply cut the skirt!


A gorgeous finish, this piece was definitely a challenge for the team. The bodice was redesigned several times and constructed multiple times before the best design was chosen.



Another couture finished piece, the Aurora Skirt consisted of several hours of hand sewing and quality assurance.


Model Fittings

One of the final tasks of preparing for the runway is fittings. Once the model line-up is chosen, each piece is either altered or created from scratch for a perfect fit.

Look book Photoshoot

           Let's take a step back to our collection photoshoot. Following last week’s peak at our lookbook set, here’s a few images on the actual outfits, fittings, and model look! 

With our, Making of a Collection series coming to an end, stay tuned for a glimpse inside show day madness!


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