The Making of a Collection | Part 1 | with love

The Making of a Collection | Part 1 | with love

A new season means a new collection! The Mani Jassal Design team has been working away at the new SS19 collection to be debuted at Toronto Fashion Week of February 7th. Titled “With Love,” the collection narrates a young love story through flirty details and light, flowy fabrics. Drawing inspiration from florals, our clients can expect a fresh array of pinks, whites, and soft nudes incorporated into free-flowing silhouettes. What's more is that the entire collection is proudly produced in Canada by an all WOMENS team ! 

Preliminary Sketches from Mani Jassal's Design Book

An illustration of romance, the “With Love,” collection consists of organic shapes executed through flounces, fabric tassels, hand beading, and many exciting new silhouettes to enter the Mani Jassal Showroom. Unlike previous collections, the “With Love,” collection is a detail orientated project decorated with intricate hand work, couture finishes, and other slow luxury production processes.

Take a Look Inside our Production Studio Before the Big Reveal!

(P.S. scroll to the bottom for a sneak peak of the “With, Love,” photoshoot!)

Designer Mani going through her designs.

Elisa ironing fabric for some extra quality assurance. 

Rupinder handsewing on tiny floral details on to organza.

Jessica cutting our FINALE dress that’s a super duper secret .

Devina sewing up a sample dress .

Getting Jessica to be our fit model as we try our hands on a new construction technique .

Some trims and laces being utilized in the collection. 


Collection Sneak Peak 

Stay Tuned! Part 2 of the, "Making of a Collection" series will feature collection pieces, photoshoot BTS, runway planning, and many more exclusives. 

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Loving the behind the scenes! Can’t wait to see the new collection…got my tickets last week!

Esha Sidhu,

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