Bridal Diaries Entry #4: Wedding Guests to Love Birds!

Bridal Diaries Entry #4: Wedding Guests to Love Birds!

Our gorgeous bride Sara had one of the most popular bridal looks of 2018. This MKJ bride was a GOLDEN QUEEN for her Nikkah ceremony at the Bella Banquets in King City, Ontario.


Sara wore the Quick Ting Skirt with the Lara Peplum Top from the SS18 “Garden of Desire|Erised” collection. Styled with double dupattas and traditional jewellery, Sara checked all our boxes for a perfectly unique ceremony look!

“Choosing my wedding look was a tad bit tricky. I knew I wanted something flattering with my body type. And I knew I did not want to go with the traditional Pakistani or Hyderabadi look (which is what my family was expecting!). I wanted to show off my background of being an Indian while also throwing an edge into it, and Mani’s designs gave me exactly that,”


Akhbar is the lucky man who won Sara over. The two met at a wedding a couple years before what would be their own wedding day.

“He made up a corny little question just to find a way to speak to me. I saw right through that! Fast forward, and we find ourselves loving each other's quirks and personalities more and more.”


Are Sara's choice of words when describing her personal style, and ofcourse, we know how to cater to the simple yet chic vibe! Using the design principles of modern & traditional in mind, Sara quickly found her perfect ceremony look at the Mani Jassal Showroom. Spending two days prior in frustration of mundane and uniform styles, she was happy to grab our Quick Ting Skirt, as well as the Lara Peplum, in merely one appointment. Intricately embroidered and quite uniques, no need to second guess this beautiful duo!

"I personally always try and get creative with my outfits. Always trying to put together something unique,"

 Follow the rest of Sara's Bridal Interview Below!

What was one of the first things you planned? Did your outfits cross your mind right away?

The first thing I planned was the venue. I have always wanted an outdoor ceremony and a barn type reception dinner. I remember seeing the venue exactly 3 years ago and I immediately fell in love with it. It had a beautiful outdoor area and an equally beautiful and rustic looking indoors.

How did you hear about our brand? Have you shopped with us before?

I’m not sure exactly how I was exposed to your brand, but I remember seeing a lot of it on Kay Ray’s instagram page. Regardless, I know I have been keeping a very close eye on Mani’s collection from years back. Every now and then, I remember going on her website and ogling at the gorgeous outfits she had put together on her models. I have surprisingly however never shopped with Mani K Jassal’s before.

"I had subconsciously put the brand in the corner of my mind for a very special occasion to come in my life. And it just so happen to be my own wedding."

What was a personal “must-have” in your wedding look?

Being able to reuse my wedding outfit was a big point for me. I definitely did not want something I can only wear once and would have to keep in my closet for many years after. The Mkj outfits were reusable for multiple occasions. I realized I could wear the pieces casually or dress them up more formally.  

 "Mani’s brand shows designs that communicate contemporary confidence and a unique boldness. It's what drew me to the brand since November 2016 when Mani came out with her SS17 Bride Collection,"


What advice can you give to soon-to-be brides? How about advice in terms of their outfits?

Go with your gut. What they say is true- you’ll know it when it's “the” dress. Do not compromise your vision of your dress because of other opinions.


"As the designer herself advised me in her showroom 'go with what makes you happy- there will always be people who will have a problem with what you do regardless," and also, 'wear what you find is comfortable for yourself'.

I wanted something light and easy, something I can move around easily in. Be patient and get to know yourself in your dress

Any wedding planning regrets? The most difficult steps?

I’ve always wanted to have a small intimate wedding. This, obviously, is much harder to do in South Asian families. I did however try my best to keep the guest list as short as possible. But it was definitely the most difficult thing to do.

One of my planning regrets is not looking into any other banquet halls/gardens other that the one I had decided on. I realized later that there's a lot better venues out there than just the one I had my heart set on from the very beginning.

We are so glad we could be a part of your wedding process! Could you summarize your experience with the Mani Jassal team?  

The Mani Jassal team made getting my wedding outfit together a breeze. Under literally about an hour I had my entire outfit together. I was even recommended Bangelz Jewelry by them, we went straight to Banglez after picking up my wedding dress and got my jewelry.

"Mani herself was extremely sweet during the fittings, reassuring me to trust in my style and go with my gut."

Finally, what was the best part of your wedding!

Seeing how my family came together to help make the event a success. If there’s anything I learnt from putting together my wedding event, it's that you need people who you can trust to have your event be successful. Seeing my family pull off the event, making it fun for themselves and our guest was a very sweet sight, and I knew I couldn’t have done it all alone.

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Special Thanks

Henna: lemonandsugarhenna

Photography: CS Photography


Makeup: beautebymariam

Stage & Decor: midnight_decor1


Cake: cakeography


Giveaways: Sittisoap

Venue: Bella Banquets, King City







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