Why is it so special?

Lucknowi or chikankari fabric holds a special place in designer Mani Jassal's heart, featuring prominently in her collections. Adding our unique twist, we fondly refer to lucknowi as Scorpius, a nod to the Scorpius constellation. Originating from Lucknow, India, this fabric intertwines with the exquisite embroidery technique known as 'chikan kari,' translating to "embroidery of the imagination," which traces its roots back to the Mughal era.
What truly distinguishes Chikankari is the unwavering dedication artisans infuse into each masterpiece. The intricate process involves multiple stages, commencing with the design being intricately imprinted onto the fabric using wooden blocks, then meticulously embroidered by hand employing a myriad of stitches. Ranging from basic stitches like the "backstitch" to more intricate ones such as the "shadow work," this diverse array of stitches enables artisans to craft a kaleidoscope of patterns, from delicate florals and paisleys to elaborate geometrical motifs. Additionally, the embellishment with "badla" (metal coins) further elevates the allure of the silk pieces, evoking the celestial charm of the constellations.
This fabric exudes such opulence and heritage that it simply couldn't be confined to just traditional lenghas and saris. Mani ingeniously found a way to integrate it into everyday wardrobes by crafting adorable mini sets suitable for brunches with friends, birthday celebrations, or any occasion you desire. What truly captured everyone's attention were the Boyfriend fit jackets, drawing inspiration from iconic Levi's denim jackets. These jackets offer a versatile way to incorporate lucknowi fabrics into both casual and formal ensembles.

How it started


Named after the Scorpius constellation—located in the southern hemisphere and comprised of some of the brightest stars in the sky—this is the designer’s most personal collection yet. A nod to her zodiac sign, Scorpio and a celebration of her own journey as a soon-to-be bride.